200g soy candle in amber coloured glass jar 

The beautiful blend of patchouli and vanilla is sweet, earthy and absolutely magical! You will be charmed by the mystical appeal of the fragrance. 

Hand-poured using natural soy wax. The goodness of soy wax lies in the fact that it is a renewable resource that’s not only toxin-free, but burns much longer as well. Gently infused with the exquisite fragrance of natural essential oils. 

Produces negligible amounts of soot and releases no known carcinogens into the air 

Shared Earth has exclusive UK distribution of this Organics Goodness range. 

Wick: 100% cotton 

Burn time: 60 hours 

Jar diameter: 8cm, height: 7.5cm 
Candle height: 5.5cm 

Made in India


Soy candle Organic Goodness, Patchouli Vanilla, in glass jar